Rasa Chmieliauskaite

Rasa Chmieliauskaite

CSR and people transformation

What interests me the most? Effective multi-cultural collaborations, bottom-up people transformation, and purpose-driven change! In particular creating sustainability change agents across organizations. Through my start-up, Dew&Stone Advisory I am further building out my experience and skills in the field of sustainable business development.

With 10+ years of experience in front-line commercial operations management in the Travel and Hospitality sector, I have developed a deep interest in how corporate culture and internal business communications affect employees.

Holding a Master’s degree in Business at The University of Birmingham I focus my attention on CSR policies and people transformations (e.g., through corporate volunteering) that help businesses define their ambition and realize their contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In partnership with Rasa and Dew&Stone Advisory, The Umbrella Institute supports high-performing corporate cultures and focus on engaging the employees and enduring happy teams.


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