Corporate responsibility is becoming more mainstream around the world. And there is a reason for that: It pays off on the bottom line to act responsibly to the surrounding society and environment

What does the SDGs have to do with CSR?

CSR is about the organisation protecting what is dear to them: their human assets and their resources and balancing this with their wish for profit.

The 17 global goals have exactly their same goal: To balance the globes living organisms, the planetary resources and creating a stable future for everyone inhabiting Earth. The planet is one organisation that wishes to be profitable and thriving on the long term basis, and the SDGs are supporting this development.

Triple Bottom Line

Or TBL is the simple theory of creating balanced businesses, that do not use up the human and environmental resources they need to succeed.

We use the SDGs to focus on the issues that are strategically most relevant for your organisation, and implement them throughout the DNA in order to maximise the outcome of the sustainable development and the profit generation.