SDG progress or regress Business

Global regress on SDGs in 2020 but still relevant as ever

A great Fast Company article about why the 17 SDGs are overlapping by design and why the underlying targets are sometimes surprisingly different from the headlines.

The key notes from the article:

  • Like any project: Focus on the details as well as on the big picture.
  • The SDG targets are meant to be shaped for your organisation. Don’t shy away from making your own version of a target that does not immediately fit.
  • Integrate the SDGs in all the different levels of your organisation.
  • Be mindful that businesses can both be positive and negative influences when it comes to achieving the SDGs before 2030.

In short: The SDGS prepresent a guiding star, that unifies us all in one common language, across departments, country borders, and oceans.

The SDGs still have a reputation for being hard to tackle, but that is why SDG Sprint is here to help you, because we will share our knowledge with you so you can focus on making your company even greater.