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Every company can unlock the powers of sustainable business development

About this event

You have seen the SDGs in the newspaper, maybe on social media, and in your competitor’s communication.


How can your company narrow down the most suitable SDGs that give an opportunity to make real impact?


How can you contribute to the SDGs most effectively and bring out the purpose and employee enthusiasm to drive it?

Rasa & Anne Marie are the business transformation facilitators who will answer these pressing questions.

With the help of the SDG Sprint – a team collaboration platform – the employees are enabled to contribute their ideas in shaping the SDGs selection.

The SDG Sprint is the tool that enables companies to make informed decisions from the new ideas generated by the employees who see the company’s operations from different perspectives.

Through a grassroots approach, the participating company will focus on specific areas, targets and enables the most impactful outcome.

In this webinar/session you will:

  • Get an understanding of the SDGs relevance to your company
  • Be introduced to the importance of business contributions in sustainable development
  • Be introduced to the SDG Sprint program
  • Take part in a mini SDG Sprint experience

Who is this session made for?

  • A manager who can see the potential of sustainable transformation your company can benefit from.
  • An employee who would love to contribute and share their purpose-driven ideas.
  • Everyone with the heart and enthusiasm to contribute to your organisation’s sustainable business development and make a real impact instead of only ticking the sustainability box.

The speakers are

Rasa Chmieliauskaite, Partner Dew&Stone, a corporate culture advisory in the UAE

Anne Marie Thodsen, Managing Director, The Umbrella Institute, a strategic sustainability CSR and ESG advisory in the UAE and Denmark

45-minute webinar followed by a Q&A session with the speakers and the audience

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    September 15, 2021 10:00
    September 15, 2021 10:45

    We are passionate about the SDGs because they are excellent leadership communication tools as well as powerful business transformation guidelines Let us share the insights with you and make your company more resilient and prosperous